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Identify and prevent threats in real-time

With integrated, always-on analytics and real-time anomaly detection, Vaion intelligently highlights what’s truly relevant. Get alerts and notifications in case of intruders, suspicious objects, or unusual situations.

Keep your system protected from attacks and vulnerabilities

Factory-installed certificates, camera passwords set at initialization, always-on encryption for media transport and stored recordings, and detailed audit trails are Vaion’s response to today’s cybersecurity challenges.

Power your operators to investigate smarter and faster

Faced with enormous collections of video recordings, operators can now use our powerful Search capabilities or our playback timeline to find evidence in less time and with fewer resources.

Get analytics from all your cameras, all the time, instantly

To ensure your existing third-party cameras continue to add insights and value, we use machine learning algorithms to collect and analyze data from your deployment in real-time and without post-processing. Vaion’s best in class approach allows for this intelligence with a minimal number of servers — up to 200 cameras per 2U appliance.

Add value to your existing deployment, while reducing costs

Gain occupancy information for real-time insights in property management, customer behavior analytics in retail, in-branch customer data for retail banking, and more. Improve the overall client experience and reduce unnecessary costs.

Streamline your multi-site deployment with hybrid cloud

We employ a hybrid cloud model to increase your implementation’s scalability, flexibility, and security. You maintain the ability to securely access all of your video data from anywhere in the world. Importantly, you share licenses across all locations to lower your costs and add new equipment quickly without licensing delays.

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* Future capability

Fueled by machine learning

Real-time threat recognition and notifications

Real-time threat recognition and notifications

Using intelligent algorithms and continuous learning, vcore detects abnormal behavior in specific environments and sends real-time alerts and notifications.

Embedded audio<br />analytics

Embedded audio

Even when pointing in a different direction, vcam’s audio analytics listens to and identifies specific sound patterns and send alerts instantly.

Advanced search across<br /> an entire deployment

Advanced search across
an entire deployment

Search for objects, events, and similarity or by image through footage of one or multiple sites. Rich timelines embedded with thumbnails, people, vehicles, and overall motion add to improved accuracy and faster investigation times.

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