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Current industry challenges

With a market-share of almost 25%, commercial and real-estate sectors remain the main adopters of video security solutions. Used to secure office buildings, multi-tenant family residences, and parking structures, real-estate owners are now looking for advanced features to reduce risks. This includes monitoring lobby personnel, protecting data center closets and mechanical rooms, safeguarding customers, and delivering new insights into building energy efficiency.

Commercial professionals need intelligent, immediate alerts to avoid threats from becoming incidents. They require fast forensics to build case-files easily, and evidence trails without complicated network connections.

Deploying a solution that delivers both real-time, proactive security, and operational insights to reduce facility costs is vital for commercial players. An operator or administrator should require minimal training with credential-driven access to have an impact on the operating environment. At the same time, secure remote access of forensic files or streaming video must be easily accessible by management and first responders without complicated pre-configured IT administration.

Why Vaion

Why Vaion

Vaion helps your team react to anomalies and enforce policy in real-time. Instead of just investigating incidents like property damage, theft, or disgruntled employees, you can take the necessary steps to prevent them.

Anomaly detection
			in real-time

Anomaly detection
in real-time

Powered by Spotlight™, the dynamic video view with instant notifications draws attention to the relevant video feeds with potential risks. Identify loud noises (screaming, glass breaking, gunshots), intruders, mailroom vulnerabilities, loitering, or unauthorized vehicles or parking violations in real-time. Your operators can switch between live and playback with the click of a button.

Increased situational awarness

Increased situational

Smart Presence™ depicts people and vehicles on maps of your locations. With the click of a button, watch live footage of people of interest. Combine with access control to monitor entries to prevent tailgating. Gain insights on occupancy counting in offices for better energy efficiency.

Accurate search within minutes

Accurate search
within minutes

Smart Search™ allows your operators to search by appearance, events, objects, similarity, or image. Recovering lost or stolen objects, like unescorted visitors, investigating health incidents or damage to the property, performing cleaning crew inspections now take minutes instead of hours. With the same or fewer resources, your operators can provide compelling evidence and mitigate liability risks.

Sharp images
in any condition

Sharp images
in any condition

Vaion cameras deliver exceptional image quality in a wide variety of environments and light conditions. Whether indoor or outdoor, daytime or nighttime, our cameras are fit for any deployment and deliver unmatched video quality in scenes with both bright and low-light or with fast-moving objects. Grainy images or patchy detection are no longer an issue.

Secure remote access and link sharing

Secure remote access
and link sharing

Connect Vaion vcore to Vaion vcloud to achieve easy and simple deployment and access from anywhere in the world. Share links of recorded video with team members, claim investigators, and law enforcement, regardless of whether they have admin access to Vaion vcore or not. Get a secure download of video files in a standard mp4 format with digital watermarking for authenticity.

Simple and flexible licensing

Simple and flexible

With a simple licensing model, Vaion always includes services and software upgrades. You no longer have to worry about integration charges, operator charges, API fees, or the complexity between small, medium, large, and enterprise services.

Keep your employees safe and
your business protected.
Find out how.

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