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Improve security and customer
with advanced analytics.
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Current industry challenges

Today, the retail industry is still undergoing a transformative process, as online sales take precedence over those in physical locations. A study conducted by Oracle showed that 65% of consumers consider personalized offers to be the most important in their shopping experience. How can traditional retail transform and benefit from the customer behavior analytics that e-commerce businesses already use to offer personalized buying experiences?

At the same time, security managers in the retail sector are facing the same concerns as 10 or 30 years ago: shoplifting, break-ins, employee theft, clerical errors, assault, parking security.

Video surveillance may have once been reserved for security demands only, but it now reveals customer buying patterns and behavior through video analytics and insights that any store can use to increase sales. Finding a solution that can deliver proactive security, fast and accurate investigations, and customer data is vital for the industry.

Why Vaion

Why Vaion

Prevent shoplifting, employee theft, loitering, false liability demands, and deliver a personalized shopping experience to your customers using machine learning-enabled video security by Vaion.

Video and audio<br />

Video and audio

Pervasive real-time analytics and machine learning help avoid theft and shrinkage, gather insightful data coupled with POS to uncover sales trends.

Anomaly detection<br />
			in real-time

Anomaly detection
in real-time

Our dynamic video wall with instant notifications draws attention to the relevant video feeds with the potential risk of loss, disgruntled employee, or aggravated customers.

Maps with<br />
Smart Presence

Maps with
Smart Presence

Add maps of your business locations to increase situational awareness, and track people and store behaviors as they happen in real-time. See customers moving through your store, parking area and hallways.

Powerful<br />


Search by appearance, events, objects, similarity, or image throughout your entire deployment to get accurate results in minutes. Search across all your cameras to locate a person or a vehicle within minutes.

Collaborative<br />
and secure

and secure

Vaion uses secure remote access to help you share live feeds and recordings with law enforcement authorities. Digital watermarking ensures your recordings cannot be tampered with.

Simple and flexible

Simple and flexible licensing

With a simple licensing model, Vaion always includes services and software upgrades. You will no longer have to worry about integration charges, operator charges, API fees, or the complexity between small, medium, large, and enterprise services.

Improve security and customer
experience with advanced analytics.
Find out how.

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